Virtually unbreakable

Break in 14

This picture was taken after our visit to the customer. The door had been installed by another company as a security door, but a burglar approached the door and without bothering to force the lock, hit the door and broke the panel, because of inadequate steel thickness and an empty door structure.

The door looks exactly like any other door on the market, attractive with a wooden panel. This often disguises the low quality and strength of the door.

Break in 5

Composite doors, or any other type of door are often called security doors, but do not have a steel structure.

This door picture has been taken at the customer’s garage. The door is metal faced with a wooden structure, installed with a composite door locking mechanism.Break in 3

The customer has CCTV in place which shows a person of only 15 years old kicked the door in, and reduced it to this state in a very short period.

Break in 15

Break in 1This shows our temporary door installed in a property that had recently been broken into. This is a simple security door structure. They tried to break in again, trying for several hours to force the door but eventually they gave up and gained entry through a back garden door.

Break in 17

Break in 16Our door was installed to a customer’s flat and a burglar approached when the building was empty. The customer said they had been out for few hours shopping and when they come back they found the burglar had damaged much of the panel and lock. The door was smashed and was beyond repair, but it stood firm and did the job.

Currently we offer a grade 4 door in our range, which is a much stronger structure with several upgrades from our standard door.

The photographs below show a test being done by a German test company. They worked on the door for several hours with many different tools including on the inside face of the door, which faces the inside of the house. There was no movement or damage. This is due to the extreme level of innovation and improvement our company has been making to the product over the last 20 years and which continues.