We are Image Security Doors Ltd trading as CastleCore

  • Over 10 years’ experience in producing and installing security doors
  • Oversize and bigger structured security doors
  • Stainless steel finish doors
  • For use in homes, offices, warehouses, safe rooms, back doors or anywhere security is required
  • Domestic luxury wooden faced security doors
  • Metal faced industrial doors
  • Fully customized bespoke doors

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  • Most burglars break in through your front door.
  • The reasons;
  • Wooden or plastic doors with no strength
  • Strong locks fitted to weak doors
  • Weak or hollow door structure
  • A weak wooden frame.

UK statistics shows that a burglar will spend only
two minutes trying to break open your door. When he can’t he will move on.
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You need a ‘CASTLE’ Locking System in order to have maximum security.

Image doors come with ‘CASTLE’ Locking System;

  • Bolts in the middle (17mm thick)
  • Bolts on the top (15mm thick)
  • Bolts at the bottom (15mm thick)
  • Hinge bolts (12mm thick)

The bolts are 40 mm in length and lock in all 4 directions, distributing the strength of the door across the steel frame.

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