Biometric entry systems

We supply the highest security multi biometric lock system, using a biometric fingerprint method.

Biometric locks use living fingerprints to provide impeccable security. Fast, and simple to use, a biometric lock means you never have to worry about carrying, forgetting or losing your key!

Manager controlled mode

System offers up to 3 managers who have total control of the biometric lock system. Unwanted registered users can be deleted or new users can be added by managers only.


The system triggers an alarm if an unauthorised user attempts to open the door.

newRemote Control Biometric Lock (Optional)

The system accepts operation through a remote control system that requires pressing door activation button first, to prevent unwanted opening.

piks2We can also fit biometric lock entry systems to existing steel security doors. Our specialist biometric lock engineer will carry out on-site installations

piksyansonOther specifications

  • Semi automatic opening
  • Manual opening if required
  • 10,000 times opening or closing without electrical supply
  • Less than one second response time
  • Aesthetic design
  • Integrated alarm
  • Holiday mode
  • Night time mode
  • 1900 finger print storage.table