About us

PALACECastleCore Security Doors

Since 1995 we have produced secure steel doors to international standards. Castle Core Ltd is developing day by day and is an industry leader. We specialise in weather-proof apartment entry doors and villa doors, together with secure internal doors.

We comply  with all international fire regulations and all of our doors are fire resistant. We manufacture high security doors – the doors which secure your house.

We manufacture and install:

  • Steel security doors
  • Steel villa doors
  • Steel fire doors
  • Emergency doors
  • Internal wooden doors
  • Biometric entry doors
  • Over 10 years’ experience in producing and installing security doors
  • Oversize and bigger structured security doors
  • Stainless steel finish doors
  • For use in homes, offices, warehouses, safe rooms, back doors or anywhere security is required
  • Domestic luxury wooden faced security doors
  • Metal faced industrial doors
  • Fully customized bespoke doors
  • If you require any sort of door which isn’t listed above, get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Prevent Burglary

Most burglars break in through your front door.
The reasons;

  • Wooden or plastic doors with no strength
  • Strong locks fitted to weak doors
  • Weak or hollow door structure
  • A weak wooden frame.

UK statistics shows that a burglar will spend only two minutes trying to break open your door. When he can’t he will move on. Start securing your house by requesting our CastleCore brochure.

New ‘CASTLE’ Locking System

You need a ‘CASTLE’ Locking System in order to guarantee maximum security.

Image doors come with ‘CASTLE’ Locking System;

  • Bolts in the middle (17 mm thick)
  • Bolts on the top (15 mm thick)
  • Bolts at the bottom (15 mm thick)
  • Hinge bolts (12 mm thick)

The bolts are 40 mm in length and lock in all four directions, distributing the strength of the door across the steel frame.

Strong doors make a strong house

Our secure doors all feature:

  • Secure, one-piece construction
  • 20-bolted Castle Locking System
  • Wooden finish
  • Tool resistant design
  • Hundreds of designs and colour combinations
  • 24 hour emergency line available to all existing costumers
  • High quality materials
  • Superior technology
  • Fire certification up to 240 minutes
  • Security up to level 4
  • Experienced staff
  • We are here to help you from start to finish.

We have achieved the following certifications:

TUV ISO 9001-2000 quality guarantee certificate
EN 1634-1 30 minutes fire resistant certificate for both steel and furniture interior doors
Fire certification up to 240 minutes
Security level up to level 4