A strong door means a secure house and a safe family

Keep your family safe— beautifully

The Metropolitan Police say that doors are the primary route of entry and exit for
most burglars.
We manufacture and install state of the art security doors
and have over 10 years' experience.
Our business model ensures amazing value!

We supply

Oversize and bigger structured security doors
Stainless steel finish doors
For homes, offices, warehouses, safe rooms, back doors or anywhere security is required
Domestic luxury wooden faced security doors
Metal faced industrial doors
Fully customized bespoke doors.


Most burglars break in through your front door.
The reasons;
Wooden or plastic doors with no strength
Strong locks fitted to weak doors
Weak or hollow door structure
A weak wooden frame.

UK statistics shows that a burglar will spend only
two minutes trying to break open your door. When he can't he will move on.
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